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about queensandminds branding studio
The face behind queensandminds branding studio



My mission is to create impactful brand identities for creative business owners. I will help you build a professional and powerful image for your company. Through strategy and research, I will provide a complete brand experience, inspired by your values and passion.


A strong and trustworthy brand identity will assist in converting a one-time customer into a loyal and long term relationship. And make you recognizable as well as unforgettable.


Sharing and partnering with small creative businesses is a chance that I cherish - it’s about exchanging knowledge and empowering to create amazing results. I want you to level-up your game and be proud of your growth each day every day!


If you are excited about all of this, ready to commit and invest in yourself and your business, please jump on this ride with me!

I’m Lea, the founder of Q&M Studio, I’ve started this journey in 2020 after realizing I could take my skills to another level and help others.

It’s a story of early mornings and late nights as I am working full time as a digital designer. But so worth it!

If you ask when it all started, I would say: early! I can remember my young self playing around on free graphic design software from early 2000’s (my computer being as heavy as a sofa bed and being the loudest machine in the whole house!)


After that, I kept my creative side and graduated high school with a fashion specialty. I then did a preparatory class in art, went to university to study history of arts and archeology, and finally made my way to a design and digital communication bachelor. I have a mixed background that brought some many different inspirations throughout my life.

As for me personally, I can give you a few facts to know more about my personality! I love staying at home, having friends around for diner, and playing some games. Crafts of all sorts are my thing, but sewing is my first love. I love thrifting and giving a second life to objects or pieces of clothing. I am also a vegetarian and a huge dog lover! 

I stand for human rights, feminism, the environment as well as inclusivity.






If getting to know our story has inspired you for a collaboration with the studio.

I’d love to hear YOUR story.

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